Brew the best espresso

Espresso is a popular coffee for many people who want to get energy fast. This strong and bitter drink is made by pressing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. Many people like it because of its intense flavor and the fact that it is ready quickly.

A typical espresso lover, is someone who is always on the go and does not have time for an extended coffee outing. An Italian espresso is also ideal for those who like the pure taste of coffee, without too much sweetness or milk. A good espresso is also a perfect drink for people who like to keep things simple and appreciate simple things.

But how do you make the perfect espresso? Find out now!



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The art of a great espresso: what is a good espresso?

A perfect espresso is made with the right quality coffee beans, the right grind, the right amount of pressure and the right technique. The espresso should have a balanced taste of sweet, bitter and sour. In addition, the crema, the foam layer on top of the espresso, should be thick and firm. A good espresso should also have a consistent amount of caffeine and aroma. In short, a well brewed espresso is a perfect balance of flavor, texture and strength.

What does the perfect cup of espresso taste like?

An espresso that is perfect has an abundant, full flavor with a pleasant ratio of sweet, bitter and sour. It has a firm crema and a piercing aroma, which together produce a special and delicious taste. This is a coffee that true aficionados will enjoy!

Espresso maken met een half-automaat espresso machine

What does a well brewed espresso look like?

A delicious cup of espresso has a thick and firm crema, which has a nice dark brown color. The espresso itself is dark brown and clear, without too much foam or bubbles. The crema should also be stable and not disappear quickly. The amount of espresso should be consistent and should not be too much or too little. In short, a perfect espresso is aesthetically pleasing and has a balanced ratio of crema, color and clarity.

Setting up your coffee machine

A good espresso does not depend only on the quality of your espresso machine. If you want to make a great espresso, there are a number of things you should pay attention to with your coffee maker. Here are a few important things:

  • Water pressure: Make sure it remains stable for consistent espresso.
  • Temperature: Hot water is not enough, you have to be more precise. The water must be the right temperature, between 90°C and 96°C, to get the most out of your coffee.
  • Grind: Make sure you use the right grind for the perfectly balanced flavor. Too fine or too coarsely ground coffee can actually ruin your espresso. Most coffee fans opt for fine grind.
  • Amount of coffee: Use the right amount of coffee per shot for consistent flavors in each cup.
  • Pressure: High pressure is essential. Make sure you have a constant pressure using a tamper for balanced extraction.

By paying attention to these things, you will ensure a delicious espresso full of flavor and consistency every time!

Which coffee beans should you use?

The first step for a good espresso is choosing the type of coffee bean. There is no one specific type of coffee bean that is best for good espresso because taste preference is subjective.  

Specialty coffee and espresso

In general, you should choose specialty coffee as often as possible. You will get the tastiest espresso from these higher quality beans. Specialty coffee beans are selected based on their specific flavor characteristics, such as sweetness, acidity and body, and are only sold if they are high quality. As a result, specialty coffee beans are perfect for espresso because they have a richer, fuller and more complex flavor than regular coffee beans. Moreover, they provide consistent quality and flavor, so you always get an excellent espresso.

de specialty koffiebonen toevoegen aan de molen voor een perfecte espresso

Arabica beans vs Robusta beans

Further, many baristas and coffee lovers prefer Arabica coffee beans because they have a milder flavor and higher acidity, leading to a better-tasting espresso. On the other hand, some find Robusta coffee beans better for espresso because they have a more pronounced flavor and produce more crema. With Robusta coffee beans, you also get a stronger coffee because these beans contain more caffeine.


The most important thing is to find coffee beans that are freshly roasted and have a flavor you like.

How many grams of coffee beans do you need for a good espresso?

About 7 to 9 grams of coffee beans are usually used for an espresso. This depends on the size and strength you want. It is recommended that you weigh the coffee beans separately for each espresso for a consistent coffee experience.

Meet het gewicht van de gemalen koffie met een weegschaal voor de perfecte espresso

Steps for brewing an espresso

So, are you ready to find out how to make the best espresso? It's actually quite simple! All you need is coffee, water and your coffee maker..

Here's how you do it:

  • Prepare: Have the right amount of coffee beans, an espresso machine, a portafilter and an espresso cup on hand.
  • Cleaning: Clean the machine and portafilter before you start brewing.
  • Grind: Grind the coffee beans just before brewing the espresso, and use about 7 to 9 grams. Put the ground coffee into the portafilter.
  • Tamping: Press the ground coffee firmly with a tamp so that it forms a compact and even layer. Press firmly.
  • Making the espresso: Place the filled portafilter in the machine and brew espresso. Allow about 25 to 30 seconds for about 25 to 30 ml of espresso to come out of the machine.
  • Serving: Pour the hot espresso into a small espresso cup and enjoy!

Et voilà, this is how you make the perfect espresso. Enjoy!

It is important to remember that the quality of espresso is highly dependent on the coffee beans, the machine and the technique used in brewing it.

All espresso tips at a glance

To sum everything up, here are the most important tips for making the best espresso:

  • Choose the right coffee beans: Choose specialty coffee beans developed specifically for espresso, with high quality and specific flavor profile.
  • Use freshly ground coffee beans: Grind coffee beans just before brewing espresso for the best flavor.
  • Use the right amount of coffee: Use about 7 to 9 grams of coffee beans for each espresso.
  • Tamp the coffee firmly: Press the coffee firmly with a tamp so that it forms a compact and even layer.
  • Adjust the temperature of the machine: Make sure the machine is the right temperature for brewing an espresso, usually between 91 and 96 degrees Celsius.
  • Check the time: Let the espresso brew for about 25 to 30 seconds and make sure about 25 to 30 ml comes out of the machine.
  • Serve immediately: Pour the espresso into a small espresso cup and serve immediately for the best flavor.

By following these tips, you can brew the best possible espresso and enjoy an excellent coffee experience.

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