Coffee bar big pack
Coffee bar big pack
Coffee bar big pack

Coffee bar

big pack

Our brand new Wakuli coffee bars. Developed in Amsterdam in collaboration with artisan chocolatier Macao, we replaced the cocoa beans with our single origin coffee beans to...

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There is something completely wrong in the coffee industry. A handful of coffee giants control the coffee market. They rely on low quality, unsustainable coffee and are heavily underpaying farmers. And they're refusing to make a change.

We are here to change that. With Wakuli farmers get paid really well, the planet gets more love and you get to drink amazing coffee. That's what we call real good coffee.

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Specialty coffee is the highest quality coffee there is. Defined by independent Q-graders from the SCA (specialty coffee association). They score coffee on a set of specific guidelines on a scale from 1 to 100. A score of 80 or more is considered specialty coffee.

What that means? That you always drink the absolute finest, high quality coffee at home.

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