We work with 13 partners worldwide, from whom we source our coffee. In Peru, we work together with Cultivar. On this page you can find everything you need to know about this collaboration.


Coffee has been cultivated in Peru since the 1700’s. Coffee came in from the Caribbean through Brazil and only after Peru did coffee land in Colombia. It was only after the collapse of coffee production in Asia and due to English involvement in the 19th century that coffee production in Peru really kicked off. 

After the English pulled out of coffee in the early 20th century the production was taken over by large numbers of smallholder farmers in the North and the east of the country. The Andes provide perfect conditions for high quality coffee. Peru however was for many years known for basic chocolate flavour “filler” coffee. For decades Peru has focused on producing fairtrade and organic certified coffee, creating a specific niche for the country. It was only recently that quality and specialty came into focus for more cooperatives and individual farmers. 


Our Peru coffee is clearly a crowd pleaser. The taste is best described as fruity with hints of lychee, milk chocolate. Small producers in the highlands of the Selva Central produce their coffees in forested areas. High altitudes, diverse landscape and perfect temperatures make this terrain well fit for specialty coffee production. There are opportunities to work in harmony with nature which a lot of farmers have recognized. Sadly, the area is also plagued by deforestation. A trend we try to counter by promoting regenerative coffee production.


Ever since the start of Wakuli we have worked with Cultivar, an exporter of Peruvian coffee focusing on direct relationships and specialty coffee. Due to unstable internal markets and specific Peruvian rural culture, building partnerships with farmers based on trust has proven to be hard. That is why we have had a hard time working with the same producer group for more than two consecutive seasons.


Lisanne and Theadros run a Peruvian export company aiming to put Peru centre stage and in the specialty spotlight. With people on the ground in a number of important production regions, including the Selva Central, they build relationships with farmers and give support in development like an agro forestry field school.

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Our Peruvian coffee is available in Nespresso compatible pods. You can get them in our stores and as part of your subscription.