We work with 13 partners worldwide, from who we source our coffee. In Honduras, we work together with CAFESMO. On this page you can find everything you need to know about this collaboration.


The earliest reported plantations in Honduras date back to the early 19th century. Coffee was introduced under then-Spanish rule, but really started gaining ground after Honduras gained independence. In the early 2000's, the coffee industry finally matured and coffee is now considered a primary cash crop along with bananas. Honduras is in the top five coffee producing countries in the world. The country is one of the poorest in Central America and crime as well as mass migration to the US are serious challenges. The hope is that income improvement through more high quality coffee production can be part of the solution. 


Honduras is one of the biggest producers of arabica coffee. Due to the altitude and climate it is well suited for producing high quality specialty coffee. Because not all coffee is grown at high altitude there is a wide range of taste profiles to be discovered. From slightly nutty, milk chocolate in low grown coffee to more fruity high acidic taste notes in coffee grown at high altitudes. We use our Honduras coffee in the Original House blend and offer it as a Discover Monthly once a year. It typically will have taste notes such as milk chocolate, caramel and red cherry. Because coffee is an agricultural product this profile can change slightly from year to year.


The mountainous area on the border with Guatemala and Nicaragua is the home of the El Pinal farmer community. It is a challenging environment for farmers to build a solid business. Poverty, migration and cross-border crime all contribute to that. Wakuli started working with CAFESMO and El Pinal over three years ago in 2020 and have grown steadily together. Because we use the coffee for our blend we can purchase larger volumes and contribute to a stable offset for farmers in the El Pinal area. 


Meet Hidardo. He is one of the driving forces behind CAFESMO, the organisation in Honduras that we partner with to get this coffee to your home. This "changemaker" is a fourth-generation coffee farmer, coordinator at CAFESMO and also runs a local coffee shop where he, along with his wife, promotes specialty coffee.

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This coffee is available as part of our Original House Blend and gives that coffee the friendly fruity flavour. On top of that we offer the El Pinal coffee as a single origin coffee once per year in our Discover Monthly offer. Also keep your eyes open for occasional special editions, or Micro Lots, from this Central American coffee hot spot. Because coffee is a seasonal product in every producing country and logistics are sensitive to changes, the exact timing of the offer is hard to predict. So keep your eyes open for our offers.