How do you keep your coffee deliciously fresh?

When you think of fresh coffee, you may think, "Coffee always stays good, right?" Well, yes and no... Want to know how to find out if the coffee you buy is really fresh? How best to store your coffee beans? Or are you curious about how long you can keep your coffee fresh? Then you're in the right place, because we're going to tell you all about it in this blog!

Why is fresh coffee better?

When you want to enjoy a great cup of coffee, the freshness of the coffee beans plays a crucial role. This is because fresh coffee beans offer a taste experience that simply cannot be matched by older beans. Compare coffee, for example, to bread: a delicious fresh food product that unfortunately does not stay fresh forever. Yet many people think of coffee as a kind of dry stock, just like spaghetti or sugar - they can apparently stay in your cupboard forever. But the truth is that keeping coffee fresh is essential for the ultimate taste experience. Good news: old coffee won't turn you upside down, but the taste? It can deteriorate significantly. And that, of course, is a real shame! That is why it is so important to invest in fresh coffee and methods to keep your coffee fresh.

In fact, you can drink coffee just fine up to 2 years after roasting, if taste is not an issue. But from 4 weeks after roasting, the natural aromas and flavors slowly start to disappear. That's why we always ship our coffee within 14 days of roasting, so you can have it when the taste is at its best. And that's why you will receive smaller portions of 225 grams of Wakuli coffee beans, rather than the occasional large kilo bag. This way you always have fresh coffee at home!


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Fun fact:

Did you know that coffee can be too fresh? Coffee also has a minimum storage period after roasting. This is because the beans still need to degas. Therefore, the first week after roasting the coffee must rest. After that rest week, the taste is perfect.


How do I know if my coffee is fresh?

Unfortunately, most coffee you find in the supermarket is often the result of mass production. This involves roasting gigantic quantities at one time, therefore, much of this coffee has been sitting in a warehouse for months before it reaches your shopping cart.

But how do you really find out if your coffee is still fresh? Unfortunately, chances are you can't figure this out on your own. This is because many coffee brands only mention a best-before date on the packaging, while the roast date - which indicates when the fresh coffee beans were roasted - is often missing. This is remarkable because freshly roasted coffee has its peak flavor between 1 and 4 weeks after roasting. For an optimal taste experience, we recommend consuming freshly ground coffee within 6 weeks. There is a good chance that the coffee you find on supermarket shelves is already much older than you think. You wouldn't buy stale bread, would you? So why buy stale coffee?


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All the factors to keep in mind for keeping your coffee fresh

Once you have that delicious fresh coffee in your home, of course you want nothing more than to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Several factors play a role in how well your coffee retains its freshness. We're not going to tire you with an extensive chemistry lesson on gases, fats and oxidation. Instead, we'll just list the crucial tips for keeping your coffee fresh:

  • Ideal temperature: It is best to store your coffee at a temperature between 10 and 20 C°.
  • Avoid moisture: A humid environment is a no-go for your coffee.
  • Store in a dark place: Put your coffee in your kitchen cabinet, for example, because light tends to break down the aromas in your coffee.
  • Limit oxygen: Our specially designed resealable bag is ideal for storing coffee beans. Roasted coffee still degasses for several weeks. The pressure relief valve allows those gases to escape from the bag, but no oxygen can get in - ideal for keeping your coffee fresh!
  • Roast level of beans: It is an interesting fact that the darker the beans are roasted, the shorter their shelf life. This is because longer roasts release more gases into the beans. These gases accelerate the aging process, causing those delectable natural flavors to be lost faster. That's why our lighter-roasted coffee tends to taste better longer than coffee with darker-roasted beans.

So with these handy tips, you can really make a difference and keep your coffee fresh and flavorful longer!


What is the best way to store coffee?

There are several methods for keeping your coffee fresh. Let's take a closer look at them:

  • Storing coffee in the refrigerator: This may be an option, but beware: coffee quickly takes on odors from other products in your refrigerator, which can affect the taste.
  • Store coffee in glass jar: A glass jar with a tight-fitting lid can be an effective way to keep coffee fresh, as long as you keep the jar, but in a dark, cool place.
  • Storing coffee in freezer: You can store coffee beans in the freezer, but only if you plan to keep them for a longer period of time and not take them out of the freezer afterwards. This is because constant freezing and thawing is not good for the flavor.
  • Storing coffee in a can: A metal can with an airtight seal is an excellent way to keep coffee fresh. Make sure the can is in a cool and dry place.
  • Keeping coffee in vacuum: This is one of the most effective ways to keep coffee fresh. By removing all the air from the container, the coffee stays fresh and flavorful longer.

Our advice? While all of these methods have their own benefits, vacuum is generally the best choice if you really want to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible. This is because it helps prevent oxidation and preserve the coffee's flavor in the best possible way.

So choose vacuum storage if you really want to get the most out of your coffee and keep your coffee beans fresh for a long time!


Four top tips for the freshest coffee

  1. Store in an airtight container: Once you have opened your coffee, store it in an airtight container or package to prevent oxidation and preserve its flavor.
  2. Protect from light and heat: Store your coffee in a cool, dark place. Light and heat speed up the coffee's staling process, resulting in a less flavorful cup.
  3. Use soon after opening: Whether you have beans or ground coffee, it is best to use it within a month of opening for best taste.
  4. Avoid moisture: Coffee can absorb moisture from the air, which affects its taste and aroma. Store your coffee in a dry place and avoid humid environments.

Follow these tips, and you'll be guaranteed a deliciously fresh cup of coffee every time!


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How long can you store coffee?

"How long can I store my coffee?" is a question often asked by lovers of this delicious beverage. The answer depends on several factors, including the form of the coffee (beans, ground, liquid) and how you store it. Let's dive deeper into the world of "how long to store coffee."

  • Coffee beans: Unopened bags of coffee beans can keep for up to a year. Once opened, however, it is best to use them within a month for best taste.
  • Ground coffee: Ground coffee loses its aroma and flavor faster than coffee beans. An unopened pack can be good for up to six months, but after opening, it is recommended to finish it within 3-4 weeks.
  • Ready-to-drink coffee: Once opened, liquid coffee can be kept in the refrigerator for about 1-2 weeks.
  • Instant coffee: Because instant coffee is dried, it can be stored for quite a long time. Unopened jars can last up to 2 years. After opening, if properly sealed, it can last for months.

Learn more in our article on how to preserve your coffee.

Now that you know how long you can store coffee, it is important to remember that coffee, like many other products, loses flavor over time. While it may still be safe to drink, for the ultimate coffee experience, it is best to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.


Coffee subscription for truly fresh coffee

Now you know the secret to a great cup of coffee. It starts with really fresh coffee beans. But how do you constantly make sure you always have fresh coffee in the house, without having to keep an eye on the roasting date yourself every time? The answer is surprisingly simple: choose a coffee subscription!

  • Always fresh: With a coffee subscription, you get fresh coffee beans delivered to your home regularly. These beans are often roasted shortly before the delivery date, assuring you of the freshest coffee.
  • No worries about storing your coffee: Because the coffee beans are so fresh, you don't have to worry about long storage times or the flavor deteriorating. You use them at their peak of freshness!
  • Consistency and convenience: No need to remember when to buy new coffee again. The subscription ensures that you are never without your beloved fresh coffee.

In essence, by choosing a coffee subscription, you automatically get the freshest coffee in your home without the hassle of constantly checking freshness. A win-win for any coffee lover who values quality and convenience!


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Well, who would have thought fresh coffee is so much trouble? Like bread, you want your cup of comfort at its best, right? Unfortunately, many bags in the supermarket have been there forever before you put it in your basket. Now you know it's best to keep that coffee in a cool, dark place, and enjoy those beans the quickest before they lose their mojo. And if you don't feel like all that hassle, a coffee subscription like this is a godsend. Just, always the freshest beans right at home. Convenient, right? What you've just read will definitely help you brew that perfect cup! Cheers!

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