Surprise your colleagues with the best coffee of and for the world

By sending them a working from home care package

delivered straight through their letterbox!

Super fresh

We roast every day and deliver more often, so no bags of old coffee in the kitchen cupboards.


Forget complicated contracts or shady deals. No crazy strings attached.


Our coffee farmer friends get an 
average of 2 to 3 times more than 
with supermarket coffees.

Our awards

Working from home care package

Pour some heart-warming coffee from a distance ;)

How does it work?

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Try-out delivery

€ 9,95 

1-month subscription

€ 16,50 

Taylor made option

Wakuli coffee friends

Wakuli at your office 

We know it’s equally important to not only drink good

coffee at home, but also in the office. 

Honest and fresh coffee without the shady contracts.
We strive 
to sustain long term relationships by delivering

better coffee in every way imaginable. What that means
your team and what we can offer? Well, let us tell you!

Psst.. Not yet in office, but also want a taste? No worries. We’ll hit you up personally.

In the press

Stay in the loop

Hey, it’s a lot of information to process and you are not ready YET. We get that. 
So let it al sink in, take your time and let us keep you up to date once in a while.


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