Wakuli. Coffee, but then very good and where the farmers really earn more. Out of dissatisfaction with the current coffee industry and their common denominators. Fair distribution - that's what we stand for. And we like to share! For example, the very best coffees with the most extraordinary stories and the money in the chain. We keep the chain short so that the coffee farmers get more. We supply lighter-roasted quality coffee on a subscription basis. By roasting the coffee lighter, the unique flavors from around the world are preserved. We make it as easy as possible and deliver your coffee through your letterbox. So you'll never be without really good fresh coffee again. We promise.

We have befriended coffee farmers all over the world. These include Central America, South America, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Arabia. Almost all (Arabica) coffee plants grow in these countries. They offer the perfect environmental and climate conditions for the coffee beans. We are always looking for new small-scale coffee farmers or cooperatives that grow coffee beans to work with. We only go for the best quality, with surprising flavors and a perfect roast. We enter into long-term partnerships with these coffee farmers not only to provide you with the best coffee, but also to:

  • Work towards a livable income
  • Invest in quality improvement
  • Preserve ecosystems (future-proof coffee)

Direct Trade literally means "direct trade". Direct Trade coffee is coffee that comes directly from the farmer. With supermarket coffees, for example, there are many links between you and the farmer. With Direct Trade coffee, a number of those links are skipped and as much as possible there is direct contact with the farmers. Wakuli coffee is directly traded and one of the advantages of this is that our befriended coffee farmers are paid on average 2 to 3 times more than supermarket coffees.

Where Direct Trade means "direct trade," Fair Trade literally means "fair trade". It is a label that certain products can receive to indicate that they are helping farmers and workers in developing countries to get a better place in the trade chain. But we wonder if this is actually fair. If farmers want to sell their coffee as a Fair Trade product, they have to buy a certificate. Such a certificate often costs the farmers a lot of money and says nothing about the quality. Most of our coffees are therefore organically grown, but do not carry a label.

Are you a caffeine junkie or an avid foodie? We have something for everyone!

  • Wakuli Blend: a smooth all-rounder. If you choose this coffee, you get the same smooth blend for a year. The beans are 100% Arabica and come from Brazil and Mexico. You can choose from ground coffee, espresso coffee or whole beans.
  • Discover Monthly: surprise! If you opt for Discover Monthly, you're choosing a monthly change in origin and taste. So every month we take you on an adventure to a different country, allowing you to taste coffees from all over the world. You can choose from filter grind, espresso grind or whole beans.
  • Spicy Robusta: wanna spice things up? Then the Spicy Robusta from Indonesia is for you. Taste a little more spice and body with flavors of chocolate, nougat and cane sugar. Note: this coffee is currently only available to order in
  • Wakuli Cups: do you have a Nespresso machine? Then our biodegradable and compostable Wakuli Cups are your thing. You can currently choose from coffee from Brazil, Peru and Indonesia. Combining them is also possible of course! Check out our homepage for more info on the flavors.

A 225 gram bag of coffee is enough for about 25/30 cups of coffee, depending on the brewing method! you can choose to receive 1,2,3 or 4 deliveries per month.

  • Wakuli Blend: €5.50 per bag (225 grams)
  • Discover Monthly: €6.30 per bag (225 grams)
  • Spicy Robusta €5.90 per bag (225 grams)
  • Wakuli Cups: €17.60 for 40 biodegradable and compostable coffee cups

Shipping to the Netherlands is free, do you live in Belgium? Then you pay €0.50 shipping costs per delivery

Below you can see for each coffee whether it is available in whole beans, filter grind, espresso grind or biodegradable coffee cups. It depends on your brewing method which type you need.

  • Pour over, french press, cafetière or filter machine: filter grind
  • Espresso machine: espresso grind
  • Fully automatic machine or your own bean grinder: whole beans
  • Machine for Nespresso capsules: cups

Do you have a Dolce Gusto or Senseo? Then unfortunately we don't have any options for you (yet).

Nope, decaf coffee we don't have yet. Indeed 'yet' we don't. We are working on it though, so please send us an email at We'll give you a heads up when the time comes. And you know what, we'll give you the first bag because you've been waiting so patiently!

Do you buy stale bread? Of course not. Just like with bread, you can taste the difference between fresh coffee and less fresh coffee right away. Fresh coffee really is much more delicious. Coffee is freshest within two weeks of roasting, so we make sure you get your coffee through your mailbox no more than 14 days after we roast it. Often, even a little earlier.

Our goal is to preserve the unique flavors from around the world as much as possible. That's why we only buy the best beans and roast those beans a little lighter. Coffee that is bought in 'bulk' often contains defects and beans that are not as tasty. They therefore roast those beans very dark, so that the less tasty flavors are burned. Our beans are a bit lighter roasted, but not super light. They fall into the "omni-roast" category. These are coffee beans that are roasted for both espresso and filter coffee. They have a less bitter aftertaste and are also better for your health. Win-win!

We fight not only for transparent trade and a fair price for the coffee farmer, but also for sustainability in the coffee industry. Our cups are therefore biodegradable and compostable. They are made of residual products from the sugar beet and cane industry. Food for the green bin! We are working hard to also make our coffee bags biodegradable and compostable, but we're not there yet. They are CO2-neutral and made of PET/PE laminate. This means they are recyclable.

My.wakuli is very convenient, because it allows you to arrange everything around your coffee deliveries yourself. In your personal my.wakuli account you can:

  • Customize your deliveries (taste, variety, frequency, delivery address, etc)
  • Add extra coffee to your delivery (for all that working from home)
  • Skip a delivery (for when you finally get to go on vacation)
  • Request an emergency delivery (for when you're really fed up)
  • Pause your coffee altogether or delete your account (for when you're completely done with it)
  • Share your unique link and earn free coffee if you get your friends to drink Wakuli too (win-win!)

Tricky! First check: are you registered at Otherwise you can't log in yet. You must register with the same e-mail address that you used to place your order. Logging in still doesn't work? Please send Sam an email at, there is nothing Super Jakob can't fix!

Adjust, pause and cancel

Ideally, of course, we'd like to remain friends for life, but you can always get rid of us! In your my.wakuli account you can choose to (temporarily) stop your coffee deliveries. You can do so after the first delivery, but also when you've already consumed 1000 Wakuli coffees.

The mailman comes 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a month, so as often as you need.

Choice stress? No worries, you can always change your coffee deliveries later or combine different coffees in your own my.wakuli account. You can change or cancel your order up to 23:59 on the Sunday before your next delivery, otherwise your change will take effect on the following delivery.

Too bad! Do you no longer want to receive coffee or do you just want to skip one or more deliveries? You can easily arrange both options yourself in your own account via Just log in and click on the figure next to your name in your dashboard (top right). Then click on "My profile". You will now be given two options:
1. Stop your subscription. Your deliveries will be paused indefinitely. If you are still itching for a bakkie Wakuli you can reactivate your deliveries at any time.
2. Cancel your account. If you do this there is no way back. Your data will be deleted and you can't log in anymore. Of course, you are always welcome to place another order through You can change or cancel your order until 11:59 pm on the Sunday before your next delivery, otherwise your change will not take effect until the next delivery.

You can easily arrange that yourself. Simply via When you log in, you can indicate how often we should put your coffee through the letterbox. The mailman comes 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a month. A little fickle? You can change the frequency as often as you like. Just make sure you change it before Sunday 23:59 for the coming week, otherwise it will take effect the following delivery.

Lucky you! You can choose to temporarily pause your coffee in my.wakuli. Or you can have the coffee delivered to your neighbors/your best friend/mother-in-law by temporarily changing the address in my.wakuli. And then just hope there is some coffee left for you. Enjoy your vacation and bon voyage!

We'll have to do that for you. Send us a message at and we'll fix it for you right away.


Ordered before 15:00? Then we make sure that we immediately put your order in the mail! In many cases you will receive your package within 3 days.

Have you told the mailman that it's okay to push it a little bit? The package can take a beating. Is it really not possible? Send Jakob an email at

Your coffee usually drops through your mailbox on Friday or Saturday. It still hasn't arrived by Tuesday? It can sometimes happen that the package somehow does not reach your home. Send Martijn an email at and our house detective will get to the bottom of it!

Whether you're a caffeine junkie or an avid foodie, no one wants to be without good coffee for too long! That's why you can request an emergency rush delivery in my.wakuli. Do you regularly need an emergency delivery? Then it might be an idea to adjust the frequency of your delivery in your my.wakuli account.

Do we want more or less fair coffee? More! More! More! But less is also possible. Simply, via When you log into your account, you can specify how often we should put your coffee through your mailbox. The mailman comes 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a month. A little fickle? You can change the frequency as often as you like. Just make sure you change it before Sunday 23:59 for the coming week, otherwise it will take effect the following delivery.

The mailman just puts your coffee through the letterbox, so you can go work out, work out, walk the dogs, watch a movie under a blanket and pretend you're not home or whatever you want to do.

Other questions

New things are often a bit exciting and we understand that you don't immediately believe in our beautiful blue eyes that it is really very good coffee. If it is somehow disappointing, you can of course always choose to stop using your coffee right after your first delivery. But you can also order a sample package first. Check your options at

Sure! If you go to, you will see several options. You can choose different gift packages, a work-at-home package or a temporary subscription. Do you have another original idea that is not listed here? Please send us a message at, and we will think with you!

Our regular subscription coffee can only be delivered in the Netherlands & Belgium. In other countries in Europe, you can receive our individual packages. You can find out about our options and place your order at Note: It is not yet possible to order cups in Belgium on a subscription basis.

Yes, send us a message at and we will work with you to find the best solution.

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