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About Wakuli & your coffee

Wakuli is a direct trade coffee start-up from Amsterdam. We've been selling fresh, lighter roasted quality coffee in subscription form since 2019 - as often and as much as you like. But no worries, you're never stuck to anything and have all your deliveries under control via my.wakuli. In addition to freshness & quality, our focus is on sustainability and impact. We work with our coffee farmers through direct trade and make sure they get a better price for their coffee beans. Not only ‘fair’, but what they deserve!

Q: What is Direct Trade? 

It actually means: direct from the farmer. In the conventional coffee supply chain, there are usually a lot of players involved. This includes the farmer, small traders, trading companies, governmental institutions, factories, manufacturers, roasters, transport, and retailers. We contact the coffee farmers as directly as possible and ensure that they get a better price for their coffee by also eliminating other participants within the supply chain.

Q: I use brewing method ..., which coffee should I order now?

We currently have whole beans, espresso grind, filter grind or biodegradable coffee cups (compatible for a Nespresso machine). Wondering which coffee you need?

  • Pour-over, french press, cafeteria or filter machine: filter grind
  • Espresso machine: espresso grind
  • Fully automatic machine or your own bean grinder: whole beans
  • Machine for Nespresso capsules: cups

Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have options for a Dolce Gusto or Senseo.  

Q: What kind of coffee do you have and how much does it cost?

We have three types of beans/ground coffee:

Wakuli Blend: this is the same coffee for a year. A delicious soft blend currently from Brazil and Peru - €5,50 per delivery (225gr), including shipping costs.

New Origin: ready for a little more excitement and adventure? If you choose New Origin, we'll take you to another country every four weeks, and you'll taste coffees from all over the world - €6.30 per delivery (225gr), including shipping costs.

Spicy Robusta: do you want a little more body and zest? Then choose the Robusta from Indonesia. Please note, this coffee is currently only available in my.wakuli - €5,70 per delivery (225gr), including shipping costs.

Q: How much does it cost to order Wakuli coffee? 

  • Wakuli Blend: €5,50 per delivery (225gr)
  • New Origin: €6,30 per delivery(225gr)
  • Spicy Robusta: €5,70 per delivery (225gr)
  • Coffeecups: €17.60 for40 cups

All prices include shipping costs. 

Q: Is your coffie organic or Fairtrade? 

90% of our coffees are produced in an organic way. Although we believe very much in doing good for the planet and people, we believe a little less in certifications. These often cost everybody in the supply chain (including the farmers) a lot of money and say nothing about the quality. For example, most of our coffees are organic but do not carry a label. Also, we want to give farmers without the certification a chance to grow as well so they can invest in their lives and company. They cannot invest as it is a vicious cycle, not enough to come by, so how can you invest in ‘better’ products. By providing a higher pay for the products, there is more revenue to invest back into the product which creates a better quality in the end.

Q: What is the packaging made of? 

Our cups are made from the waste streams of the sugar beet and cane sugar industry. They are compostable and biodegradable. So you can throw them in the green bin! Our bags are CO2 neutral produced and made of PET/PE laminate. This means that it is recyclable. We are currently working on new, fully compostable and biodegradable coffee bags. It is not as easy as we thought, and we are working hard on them. If you know somebody/ a company please send an email to

Q: Do you also have decaf coffee? 

No, unfortunately, not yet! But, do you want to be informed when we will be selling decaf coffee? Send an email to, and we will let you know when the time comes.

Q: What does fresh mean? When will the beans roasted?

You will receive the coffee through your mailbox a maximum of 14 days after roasting, often even a little earlier. Fresh coffee is really a lot tastier than old coffee - you're bound to taste the difference! 

Q: You are talking about lighter roasted coffee? What do you mean by that?

Coffee bought in 'bulk' often contains defects and beans that are not so tasty. By roasting them very dark, you actually burn them a bit! We only buy the best beans, so we roast them a bit lighter. This means that you have less of a bitter aftertaste and the flavours of the coffee bean itself are well preserved! Also, it contains some health benefits. Double good.

For the true connoisseur: we don't have a very light roast, but our roast falls into the category "omni-roast".

Q: Where does Wakuli Coffe come from?

Many of our coffees come from the so-called Bean-belt. This is an area of countries around the equator where a lot of coffee is grown. You can think of Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Arabia. Almost all (Arabica) coffee plants grow in these countries. These regions offer the perfect environmental and climate conditions for the coffee beans. Wakuli is always busy looking for collaborations with small-scale farmers or cooperatives from unique places that grow coffee beans of the best quality, with surprising flavours.

Q: What is

My.wakuli is your personal account where you can view and modify all your coffee deliveries. In my.wakuli you can:

  • Customize your coffee deliveries (taste, variety, frequency, delivery address, etc.)
  • Skip a delivery (well, if you suddenly have too much coffee)
  • Add extra coffee or tea to your delivery
  • Share your unique link with your friends and family to earn free coffee as you make other people customers
  • Request an emergency delivery
  • Pause your coffee completely or delete your account.

Q: I can't log in. Now what?

What a pity! Make sure you register before you start logging in. This registration must be done with the email address which you used to order your coffee. Having problems? Send us an email at and we will help you!

Adjusting, pausing and cancelling your coffee

Q: How long is the subscription with Wakuli for?

As long as you want! You can always choose to (temporarily) pauze your coffee deliveries. You can do so after you received the first package, or after number 100! It's entirely up to you.

Q: I don't want any more coffee. How can I indicate that?

There are several options - all options require you to log in to your own account in first!

You can always skip your next delivery (before Sunday 23:59)! When you are in my.wakuli, you go to your name (top right) and click on "My Profile". Then you have three options:

Stop subscription 1 -> pause your subscription for one month.

Stop all subscription -> your deliveries will be paused indefinitely. This means you can always log back into my.wakuli to indicate that you want to receive new coffee again, whenever you want.

Cancel your account -> if you cancel your account, all your data will be deleted, and you won't be able to log in afterwards. If you would like to receive coffee again in the future, you can place another order via

You can change or cancel your order until Sunday evening 23:59h before the next delivery, otherwise, your change will only take effect later.

Q: I would like to receive more or less coffee, how can I do that?

You can change everything yourself on :)! If you log into your own account, you can change your frequency (how often you receive your coffee). You can do this as often as you want. Just make sure you change it before Sunday 23:59 for the next delivery.

Q: I am going on holiday. What should I do?

You can choose to have a break for your coffee deliveries as well by pausing it or have it delivered to your neighbours/ friends/ family etc. You can do this by changing the address in my.wakuli.

Q: Can I change my  account number / email address myself?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself, just send us an email (, and we will help you.

Your deliveries

Q: When do I get my first delivery?

After you placed an order, the first delivery will be sent to you within three working days.

Q: I have a very small mailbox, and the coffee doesn't fit through it. What shall I do?

Oh no! our packages are based on the guidelines of mailbox sizes from PostNL. If your mailbox is too small, just send us an email, and together we will look into it. We have smaller cardboard envelopes which usually do fit when the mailbox is too small. You can email us at 

Q: Help, I didn't receive my coffee!

You usually receive your coffee on Saturday. From time to time, it may happen that your coffee does not arrive. If it still did not arrive by Tuesday, please send us an email (, and we will see what went wrong, and fix it.

Q: My coffee ran out earlier than planned, what now?

Of course, being without good coffee for too long is a big no-no! That’s why you can request an emergency delivery in your My.wakuli account without any extra costs. If you run out more often than you receive new coffee, you can always adjust your frequency or amount (double size bags, 450 gr.) per delivery.

Q: Do I have to stay home for my coffee delivery?

That's the beauty of it, you don't. It just goes through the mailbox. So you can play sports, go to work, walk the dogs, watch a movie under a blanket and pretend you're not at home or whatever you want to do and will still be deliverd.

Other questions

Q: Can I order a sample pack to try the coffee?

Well Yes! There are two options here:

  1. You can always order through and pause it after the first delivery to try it out first 
  2. Or, you can order a trial package with two flavours. Check out the options on

Q: I'd like to give someone Wakuli as a present, is that possible?

Sure! You can find the possibilities for this on You can choose from one single package or a temporary subscription. Would you like to order something that is not exactly in the webshop as you would like it? Send us a message (, and we'll see what we can do!

Q: Do you also ship to other countries than the Netherlands?

Our regular subscriptions, unfortunately not (yet). If you want to receive coffee somewhere else in Europe, you can place an order on This order can be shipped to anywhere within Europe.

Q: Do you also deliver coffee B2B?

Yes, we can arrange that! Just send Joris a message via, and he will look into the best option with you.


Do you have any other questions, feedback or just a nice idea. And of course we are always open for a cup of coffee (we treat). Send us a message via one of the channels below!

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