12 gr ground koffie

200 ml hot water (95°C)



(paper) filter

coffee mug / jug


1. Boil water. Allow to cool for 20 seconds - or- heat water to 95°C.

2. Place the filter in the black cover of the AeroPress and rinse with hot water.

3. Press the two large parts together with the rubber part just closing the cylinder.

4. Put 12 gr of coffee in the AeroPress.

5. Pour 30 ml of water on and wait 30 sec.

6. Pour the water up to 250 ml, stir well 2 times and wait 2:00 min.

7. Turn the lid on the AeroPress and carefully invert it, placing it on the mug.

8. Now gently press on within 30 - 45 sec until you hear a hissing sound.