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Great tasting, freshly roasted specialty coffees from all over the world (top 1%)

We share the profits from each cup of coffee with our farmers - everyone’s a winner!

Not home? No worries!

Our coffee arrives in letterbox-friendly packages



Direct from our farmer friends to your mailbox

225 gram from €5,50

+  Free shipment!

ONE. The cup of coffee you brew each morning is no longer hitting the spot


Maybe it’s the taste or maybe it’s just not ethical.

TWO. You discover Wakuli and its sustainable specialty coffees each with a unique story from bean to cup


Whole beans or ground? You decide!

THREE. Your freshly roasted coffee arrives at home. You smell it, brew it and take a sip. 


Hooked for life!


Choose from whole beans, espresso or filter grind

Brazil - Ethiopia - Indonesia

A perfect first step into the world of specialty coffees. The Wakuli blend consists of unique beans from three different continents, each one with its own exciting story. A balanced coffee that won't bore you, to drink every day, any day!

Discover a new coffee each month as we source the most interesting coffees from farmers all over the world. It’s the best way to discover new flavours and origins. Expect everything from fruity, floral coffees, to coffees with flavours of chocolate and nuts and everything in between!

Always Free shipping!

Difference in price breakdown between Wakuli and supermarket coffees

The average price Wakuli pays 

the farmer is 4,20€ / kg 

The world coffee price is at about 1,60€ / kg

Supermarket coffees


A card showing the price breakdown is included with every shipment

lighter roast - real coffee taste

We think you shouldn’t try to cover up beautiful things. Bulk coffees, full of moldy and broken beans, are roasted heavily by the coffee industry to disguise defects and give you “consistency”. We dare to say that coffee is a natural quality product and deserves a lighter roast, showing you exactly what good coffee can taste like, different per origin and year of production!

directly shipped after roasting

A seasonal product straight from the farm – via our roastery – in your mailbox. Makes sense right? But it almost never happens. Do you buy stale bread at the bakery? Of course you don’t!


It’s that time again!! What a joy to find a fresh bag of coffee in the mailbox after a long week at work! I open the bag... smell it... sip it...the perfect start to the weekend. Thank you!

Tasty, sustainable coffee with real stories of the people behind it 🤩I love it! I am so happy every time Wakuli arrives(even a day earlier than expected 🙂).

Marijke, Huizen

Elise, Roosendaal

Your coffee is fantastic. Every month brings a new taste and a new treat. Direct contact with the farmers, AWESOME! 

Keep up the great work! 😊

Dim, Belfeld

Some of the places where our coffee comes from

We are constantly growing our community of farmers and their coffees, and of course with their renowned coffee culture, we explored and selected coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia. Although we love the classics, we’ve also explored the road less traveled when it comes to coffee production. Tanzania, Mexico, Congo and Nepal are amazing countries where coffee expresses itself in unique ways. In these countries, the farmers tend to have smaller plots of land, fewer beans and as a result are less likely (OR not able) to trade in the traditional market. Thanks to a few select cooperatives who we work with, farmers join forces in order to be able to ship their high-quality coffee beans to the Netherlands.

Travelling the world through your daily cup of coffee is no longer a dream. It’s Wakuli.

You know the origin of your coffee

the farmers get paid more

A fair price is a price that gives farmer a decent income and possibilities to invest, while protecting the natural habitat around them. Certification has sadly not resulted in the desired effects. This is why we do it our own way. Direct Trade: this way we know for sure!


We love to share this with you and will introduce every farmer cooperative we work with. This means a monthly update with a postcard presenting the farming communities, their story, flavour and a simple price breakdown. Let’s talk transparency!



We always like to stay in touch! If you have a question, you just want to know something about your coffee, or you have a ground breaking coffee idea, LET US KNOW! 

If you want to change your membership or you are wondering why you didn't get your coffee yet, you can let us know via these options as well! 

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