Directly from the farmer through your mailbox

Yes, finally! Fresh, lighter roasted coffee - delivered straight to your mailbox. Never run out of great tasting coffee with an honest price for the farmer.

That’s a promise.

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Are you a caffeine junkie or a true omniscient coffee connoisseur? We can ship your fresh beans weekly to monthly. It's up to you!

New Origin

225 grams

Surprise! Monthly changing origin

and flavour

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Wakuli Blend

225 grams

Smooth all-rounder

100% Arabica - Brazil & Mexico

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Wakuli pods

40 pods (combination possible)

Biodegradable & compostable

Nespresso® machine compatible

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Not entirely sure? You can always change your deliveries later on or mix it up in your own my.wakuli account.

Join the coffee revolution!

One cup at a time



Lighter roast

So you get to taste the exotic flavours from all over the world.

Super fresh

Do you buy stale bread? Of course not. We roast daily and send your coffee out immediately.


Our farmer friends earn on average 2 to 3 times more than the supermarket brands.


You’re in control. Adjust or pause a delivery? Fixed easily in my.wakuli.

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Hop on to explore exotic origins, it’s exciting flavours and exchange the best brewing methods with more than 8000 other coffee lovers!

Time to shake things up..

It's time to accelerate change in the coffee industry. We are setting up long-term partnerships with coffee farmers around the world to:

  • Work towards a living income
  • Strengthen communities to invest in coffee quality improvement
  • Collaborate in restoring valuable ecosystems at origins

More people drink Wakuli equals more impact. Simple. Join the coffee revolution and let’s together fight for transparency in trading, a better price for the coffee farmer and sustainability in the coffee industry.
We thinks it's muy importante!

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the Wakuli Pods and the monthly changing New Origin.

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Frequently asked questions

We've got the answers

Great question. We are a direct trade coffee start-up from Amsterdam. In this day and age to shake up the old 'n stupid coffee industry with its low-paid farmers, awful, burned beans and huge ecological footprint.

We have been selling fresh, lighter roasted quality coffee in subscription form since 2019. In addition to freshness & quality, our focus is on sustainability and impact. We know our coffee farmers and buy through direct trade, making sure they get a better price. We need you to help us though because more Wakuli drinkers equals more impact!

Coffee bought in bulk often contains defects that make the beans taste not so great. To mask this, they roast the coffee darker and actually burn them. That's where the really bitter taste comes from. We only buy the best beans and naturally roast them a bit lighter. This means that you have less of that really bitter aftertaste and the wonderful flavours of the coffee bean itself are well preserved! Also, it contains some health benefits. Win-win!

For the true connoisseur: we don't have a very light roast, but our roast falls into the category "omni-roast"

We currently have whole beans, espresso grind, filter grind or biodegradable coffee pods (Nespresso machine compatible). Wondering which kind you need?

  • Pour over, french press, cafetière of filtermachine: filter grind
  • Espresso machine: espresso grind
  • Fully automatic machine or your own bean grinder: whole beans
  • Nespresso machine: pods

Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have options for a Dolce Gusto or Senseo machine.

A bag of coffee (225 grams) is enough for about 25/30 cups of coffee, depending on the brewing method. You can choose to receive 1, 2, 3 or 4 deliveries per month.

  • Wakuli Blend: €5.50 per delivery (225 grams)
  • New Origin: €6.30 per delivery (225 grams)
  • Spicy Robusta: €5.90 per delivery (225 grams)
  • Wakuli pods: €17.60 per delivery (40 pods)

All prices include shipping costs.

Of course! You'll get your own account on my.wakuli.com. It's up to you to (temporarily) pause your coffee deliveries. This could be after the first delivery, or after the 142nd. Oh and before we forget, it’s always possible to request an extra emergency delivery, have your coffee delivered to a different address or try a new variety or different grind size.

That's the beauty of it, you don't. It fits through the mailbox. So you can play sports, go to work, walk the dogs, watch a movie under a blanket and pretend you're not at home or whatever you want to do and it'll still be delivered.

Yes, you can! Although you can always cancel your subscription, even after your first delivery, it is also possible to order a sample package first. Check wakulishop.com. You'll pay shipping costs though, whereas with a subscription, you don't.

Wakuli in the press

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Wakuli is named leader in the ASN Sustainable Coffee Overview

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"The coffee subscription that is going to solve the coffee crisis."

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