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High quality, freshly roasted specialty coffee from all around the world (top 1% quality)

We fairly share the profit of each cup of coffee with the farmer. You can check so yourself!

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225 grams from €5,50

or 40 cups for  €17,60

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Wakuli brings freshly roasted specialty coffee from all over the world, directly from the farmer to your letterbox. As often as you want.

You can pay through with iDeal, Paypal or a credit card.

You can select whether you wish your coffee to come 1, 2, 3, or 4 times a month. If you wish to have it more often, please contact us.

Ending the subscription? That's extremely easy and possible at any time

Choose the frequency

Wakuli Blend: Welcoming, soft and beautifully balanced. Coffees from Brazil & Peru.

New Origin: Every month you will get a new, surprising flavour from a special origin.

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Choose your brewing 


We roast and grind our coffee ourselves and send them no later than 10 days after roasting. Pick here the option how you will make your fresh coffee.


Pick from whole beans, espresso and

filtergrind or cups.

Our blend (100% Arabica) is a bit more welcoming when it comes to taste. A South American blend of unwashed coffee from the South of Brazil and washed coffee from the Andes mountains of Peru. With the slow ripening of these coffee berries comes a more developed and complex coffee, in this case, notes of cane sugar, hazelnut, chocolate and citrus. We recommend drinking this coffee black or with milk for maximum deliciousness.

Discover a new coffee each month as we source the most interesting coffees from farmers all over the world. It’s the best way to discover new flavours and origins. Expect everything from fruity, floral coffees, to coffees with flavours of chocolate and nuts and everything in between!

Shipping is always free!


Wakuli koffie in koffiebonen

The El Paraiso is cultivated by 60 small scale coffee farmers of the Nueva Segovia in the northern highlands of Nicaragua. This region has amassed its fame through the presence of a favourable climate to grow high-quality coffee. This coffee is best drank black to appreciate all colourful flavours fully.

The province of Tayacaja is located in the central Andean mountains of Peru. Here, in one of the poorest and most remote regions, speciality coffee does not really exist yet. But those that search well will end up at the special descendants of Quechua. A group of small scale farmers who produce coffee with a unique flavour. This way, they can generate a livable wage. Through tight collaboration, we can let you taste this single-origin coffee with tones of milk chocolate, figs and citrus.

Koffiecup wakuli Biologisch afbreekbaar en composteerbaar

In the village, Rende Nao on the rugged island Flores in Indonesia the farmers' cooperative ANSIKOM is creating fame by producing this whole 100% Robusta. And how! Historically Robusta coffee, contrary to its chic Arabica brother, known as untraceable, cheap bulk coffee. Something special can arise when the farmers cultivate with extra care in the correctly planting, caring and processing of the beans. Then it may just be that this is the bright future of our cup of coffee. Sustainably cultivated and thus resistant to the future! You are now drinking one of the first fully traceable Spicy Robustas, full os zest with dark chocolate and caramel, but without that bitter, burnt aftertaste. Perfect as a power espresso and with milk!


WAKULI 2020...














Lighter roast, real coffee taste

Bulk coffees, full of mouldy and broken beans, are roasted heavily by the coffee industry to disguise defects and give you “consistency”. We dare to say that coffee is a natural quality product and deserves a lighter roast, showing you exactly what good coffee can taste like, different per origin and year of production!

The farmers can earn more

A fair price is a price that gives farmer a decent income and possibilities to invest, while protecting the natural habitat around them. Certification has sadly not resulted in the desired effects. This is why we do it our own way. Direct Trade: this way we know for sure!


Verschil in prijsverdeling tussen Wakuli en koffiemerken uit de supermarkt

The average price that Wakuli pays 

to the farmer is €3,80 / kg

The world coffee price is 

at about €2,20 / kg

Supermarket coffees


A card comes with every shipment to show the price breakdown!

The difference between Wakuli and supermarket brand coffees



Our cups are made with the technology from The Green Ring. They make cups for us that are biodegradable, compostable and Nespresso-machine compatible. Super handy, because then they can be put in the green waste. The packaging material is made from residual flows from the sugarbeet and cane-sugar industry.

Compostable cups

Speciality coffee with a fair price for the farmer

The GREEN ring 

* Nespresso is a third party and not related to Wakuli

Coffee lovers LOVE us! (And we love them back)


"These young coffee entrepreneurs really want to do good for the coffee farmers"

"The Wakuli coffee comes through the letterbox, is that good for the farmer?"

"Green tip: sustainable coffee from Wakuli"


"The coffee subscription to solve the coffee crisis"

The places where our coffee comes from

We chose the coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia due to their renowned coffee culture. However, coffee beans from Tanzania, Mexico, Congo and Nepal aren't well known yet amongst the coffee drinkers. In those countries, farmers have small plots of land and fewer beans, which means they can't trade in the traditional market. But due to a few cooperatives that we work with, farmers can join forces to be able to ship their beans to the Netherlands. Travelling the world through your daily cup of coffee is no longer a dream. It’s Wakuli. Also, you pay a fraction of what you'd have to pay for other specialty coffees.

Shipped immediately after roasting

A seasonal product straight from the farm – via our roastery – in your mailbox in 14 days. Makes sense right? But it almost never happens. Do you buy stale bread at the bakery? Of course, you don’t!

You know the origin of your coffee

We love to share this with you and will introduce every farmer cooperative we work with. This means a monthly update with a postcard presenting the farming communities, their story, flavour and a simple price breakdown. Let’s talk transparency!


Sustainability, environment & circular economy

Wakuli strongly believes in promoting the principles of the circular economy to revalue waste flows and reduce the environmental impact of the farm-to-cup principle. That's why we only choose the very best green beans from farmers who grow their coffee sustainably and where their ecosystem is maintained. We support cooperatives that aim to improve the social and economic situation of local society while retaining crucial traditional knowledge.



We always enjoy hearing from you. Whether its feedback, an urgent question, or just a nice idea to help us out. And of course, we are always open for a cup of coffee (on us)! Send us a message via the channels shown below!

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